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Dedicated Servers

Never worry about sharing proxies. Our proxies are private and belong only to you.
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Excellent Support

Have any questions? Need any help? Our team is readily available to answer all of your questions in discord.
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Reliable Uptime

Providing the best proxy solutions to our clients, we ensure that our proxies stay up and running 99.99%

Some frequently asked questions

What makes Trinity Proxies better than others?

Trinity Proxies provides the best quality solution for all your needs at an extremely affordable price. With Private Residential Plans to ISPs through Fiber Optic Networks, we have it all! The best user experience and 24/7 uptime and support in our discord, you'll be dominant on all platforms

Are your Residential and Datacenters fully private?

Our Residential and Datacenters servers are fully private. This allows for minimal latency, 100% dedicated uptime and the best upstream. We use the best quality to ensure your success.

How can I renew my proxies?

Residential and Datacenter users can topup or renew their plans in our dashboard at any time.

Where and when will I receive my proxies?

Datacenter and Residential Proxies will momentarily show in your dashboard after you’ve placed your order. You will receive a receipt and other information pertaining to your order via email.